Remember when Bob Saget used to host Funniest Home Videos and do those little voiceover bits while the clips were rolling? Remember how funny they were? Yeah, okay…so that second part is a lie. But hold on to your hats, because there’s more Saget styled narration coming your way. Varietyis reporting that Bob Saget will write, direct and produce Farce of the Penguins, a send-up of the hit documentary March of the Penguins, for independent distributor THINKFilm. The product will combine wildlife photography with an irreverent and decidedly R-rated theme and soundtrack, and THINK is hoping for a spring release. According to Bob, the idea grew from a visit to a friend’s (as if Bob has friends) house. He and his friend were watching March of the Penguins together, and Bob kept doing little voiceovers for all the action; apparently he found himself funny enough that he thought he should do it for money.

Okay, so I understand that Bob Saget is actually rather funny when not bound by the strictures of network television censors. And I think farce, when done correctly, is among the most enjoyable comedic styles. Will Bob pull off a convincingly funny farce? I don’t know. I’ve never heard him in anything other than Full Houseand Videos, so my perception of his talent is no doubt a bit skewed. I do think that the concept has a ton of potential, though, and I really hope that Bob is talented enough to pull it off. Any Saget fans out there who can testify to his non-Danny Tanner funny?

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