cruise.jpgIs Tom Cruise the World's Worst Celebrity Golfer? More or less – at least, according to Golf Digest. They've ranked Hollywood's Top 100 Golfers by handicap, and, with a 36, Cruise comes in at number 100 with a divot. "Cruise joined Bel-Air [country club] a few years ago," notes the Digest, but since, he's "been too busy saving the world from aliens and psychiatrists to play much." Golf Digest is less witty when it comes to congatulating the good celebrity golfers. Dennis Quaid came in at number one, with a stunning handicap of 1.1. Quaid is apparently "a very good golfer who is absolutely obsessed with improving" and who disproves the old chestnut,  "Show me an actor with a low handicap, and I'll show you an unemployed actor". One celebrity who might find that adage rings a little too true is Tea Leoni; her handicap of 12 puts her at number 34 on the list - the highest of any actress. But without looking at IMDB, can you name a film she was in between Flirting with Disaster and Spanglish? And did you *see* Spanglish?
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