JarheadAfter seeing a preview screening of Jarhead, a reader of The Hot Blog felt the need to respond to what he/she felt was the site's misguided review of the movie. In his/her interpretation, it's just Sam Mendes' "exercise in gay metaphor" or, if you will, "the gayest war movie of all time."

While it's easy to cry "gay" about virtually all movies that feature male bonding scenes (or, for that matter, in baseball dugouts that feature kissing), the writer here does a nice job of offering both specifics to support his/her theory and a sense of humor, which always makes readings like this much more palatable. The writer's fairly convincing conclusion is, essentially, that the film sexualizes war. "They're all waiting for their first kill, to fire a shot, to do something, anything! And everything they do while waiting is highly sexualized. And then when it doesn't come, when nothing happens, it's like the biggest cock-tease in history." (The whole piece is linked below.)

What do those of you who've already seen it think? Totally valid reading, or just another pieces of that hideous gay agenda? Something in between?