anne.jpgSince we've been getting a TV or movie version of Pride and Prejudice roughly every 15 months or so, I suppose it was inevitable that some desperate studio exec would decide that the world needs a movie about Jane Austen. Since she wrote such a great, romantic book, surely her life was exactly the same, right? What do you mean, it wasn't? Ah, we'll work around that little inconvenience.

The result of the workaround is a movie called Becoming Jane, written by Kevin Hood and starring Anne Hathaway as Austen. Reportedly, the film won't actually be a biopic (big surprise there), but will instead focus on the author's rumored "torrid affair with an unknown Irishman." Since there are no details anywhere about the relationship (it was only "hinted at" in an Austen biography), the studio should be free to make a nice, British romance whose main character just happens to share a name with a famous writer. I wonder if the Irishman will be named Darcy.
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