Okay, so the makers of BloodRayne are very pleased to announce that they expect their film to open even bigger than originally anticipated. The alien-infestation movie Slither and the vampires-versus-werewolves sequel Underworld: Evolution have both moved from their original Jan. 6 release dates, which takes them out of competition with BloodRayne.

Oh boy, where to start? Uwe Boll is truly a treasure trove for those of us in the business of writing about movies, the man is like a nonstop, one man, comedic tour de force.  The mere suggestion this movie is going to hit big makes my sides ache with laughter. The day when a Uwe Boll movie is a box office bonanza is the day that I quit the human race. It looks like January 6 is shaping up to be a very empty day for theatres nationwide, if you ask me. And just for finality, we should note that the beginning of the year has long been considered a dumping ground for bad movies because of Oscar season. Executive distributor Jim Schramm isn’t worried, though: "We're out to change that and make January a good time to release movies." C’mon Jim, we all know even you don’t believe that.