After a lackluster box office performance from Land of the Dead, nobody was really sure what would happen to Romero’s vaunted horror series. It seems as though they can’t keep up with the other (usually crappy) horror flicks being released. Well, Devin Faraci over at Cinematic Happenings has the scoop, sharing some details from a recent interview with John Harrison, longtime friend and work associate of Romero’s. Harrison said that he couldn’t reveal much at this time, but clearly hinted at the likelihood of a DVD series taking place “in the world he is known for.”

I think this could be a good avenue for Romero to pursue with his Dead films. The likelihood is that they will not be getting the budget for a cinematic release anytime soon, so this allows him to continue the series that he loves while also giving fans something new and exciting. And who knows…garner some solid success in the DVD sales, and you might just find someone wanting to finance another effort at the box office. Thoughts?

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