Bruce Campbell is a personal hero of mine, and arguably the king (no Elvis pun intended here) of cult movies. If you haven’t seen the Evil Dead movies and/or Bubba Ho-Tep, stop reading this review right now and go find one of them, because if you’re not familiar with the unstoppable force of acting that is Bruce Campbell you’re starting a step behind.

Man with the Screaming Brain
is Bruce Campbell’s directorial debut, and it's a film that was in the works since the 1980s (more on that later). Its single biggest flaw (I’ll get the bad stuff out of the way early) is that it was made for TV – the Sci-Fi channel, specifically. This means, of course, a low budget; resulting in lower-end costumes, sets, camera work, etc. It also means that it was filmed in a television formatt. Every fifteen to twenty minutes you can feel the film build to a mini-crescendo to create a “don’t touch that dial” commercial break feel.

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