walrusThe inevitable has occurred: March of the Penguins is making studios interested in all the other adorable creatures who live in the snow. Can you handle the cuteness? Paramount recently bought the rights to National Geographic Films' Call of the North, a look at the lives of polar bears and - wait for it - those wacky walruses! Hooray for walruses!

Now, obviously this film was not just whipped up after March of the Penguins blew the lid off the box office - in fact, it's been seven long years in the making. The fact is, though, that the chances of it getting wide exposure (and, possibly, a theatrical release all) would be essentially nil had Penguins not come before it. While this development is obviously a good one in many ways, it also means that instead of selling their movie as a serious look at the relationship between species in an extreme environment, the people involved with Call of the North have been reduced to pitching it like a typical feature. In what was surely National Geographic's most humiliating moment, the film's producer actually said "There’s nothing cuter than a polar bear and there’s nothing funnier than a walrus." So sad.

The polar bears and their hilarious sidekicks will hit big screens in mid to late 2006.
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