Jean-Claude BrisseauFour actresses have accused award-winning French director Jean-Claude Brisseau of sexual assault linked to "erotic auditions" that he put them through. According to the actresses, Brisseau "often asked [them] to masturbate in front of him, sometimes in public places." One of them claims she "auditioned" 20-30 times over a five year period, sometimes and alone and sometimes with another actress.

What makes all of this even more chilling (if that's possible) is that Brisseau doesn't deny any of it. He admits to conducting " a number of 'short tests' with the women in hotel rooms, restaurants, a cinema and at his and the women's homes," and has the audacity to claim that the sessions are crucial to his films, allowing him to "work on the style and the acting before we film...[and] to find out qualities and problems with their bodies and their acting." He doesn't, however, mention how his own occasional masturbation during the "auditions" would enhance the films.
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