Michael Clarke Duncan says he will most likely return for the new Sin City flick, A Dame to Kill For. While this news may sound weird to some (Duncan’s character died in the first film), it should not surprise serious SinCityfans, who are well aware that the story for the new movie happens chronologically earlier than the death in the first movie. The only part of it that may be surprising is that Duncan is not officially returning yet- he’s still waiting for the nod from Miller and Rodriguez. I wouldn’t fret, though; I don’t think anyone doubts his return once the project gets moving. Duncan himself says "We've talked about it- Manute has a very big role [in that] and I certainly wanna be a part of it.”

Fantastic movie based on a fantastic book with an almost perfect cast. If you are a Miller fan, you’re sure to be pleased by this news.  I myself am highly anticipating the cinematic return to Miller’s world, and I think Duncan makes for a perfect casting decision. Is there anyone out there who would disagree?

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