Rapunzel UnbraidedNow, Rapunzel Unbraided (the directoral debut for "Disney legend" Glen Keane) isn't due in theaters until 2008, so it's not like there's a crisis brewing or anything. But there are problems. For one, the script is reportedly not only scattered, but littered with Shrek-style pop-culture jokes, just what Chicken Little is being ripped for being too heavy on. In addition, vocal star and rumored executive producer Reese Witherspoon has left the project because it is "no longer the film that Reese had originally signed on to do." What exactly that means is unclear, but it's been suggested that executive producer Witherspoon has lots of (unworkable) suggestions about her character in the movie, and that the resulting disagreements are what ultimately led to her departure.

Whatever the reason, though, Rapunzel Unbraided is without a star name, and has a script that is now, at the very least, considered risky. As a result, production on the film is thought to have been shut down "for serious retooling." While it's important to note that even massive hits like Toy Story and The Lion King went through crisis periods like this one, the fact is that everyone in Disney animation is more than a little jumpy right now.

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