munich.jpgSteven Spielberg's Munich may be far from finished, but the trailer, at the very least, will allegedly hit the streets today. According to The Envelope – the same awards season blog that earlier alerted us to the status of the film – Dreamworks has hastily tacked a teaser onto prints of Jarhead. Surreptitious on-set snapshots aside, this will be the world's first glimpse at Spielberg's latest, on which awards handicappers are already betting the proverbial farm. Meanwhile, a press release just flew into Cinematical Headquarters, announcing the King Kong trailer's theatrical premiere – its big-screen unveiling will also be this evening, and on the head of the exact same Sam Mendes film. I'll resist the urge to gossip about what these releases might mean about the studio's tracking on Jarhead, and just take these kernels of information at face value for the time being. Anyone planning to see the film tonight? If so, let us know what the Munich trailer is all about - and don't forget to pass along the deets on how the Big Fake Gorilla looks on the big screen.

[Thanks, Alex!]
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