Chicken Little

In light of longtime Disney protectorate and CGI vanguard, Pixar, getting ready to leave Uncle Walt's nest, diminutive clucker Chicken Little's famous catchphrase -- "The sky is falling!" -- seems to have become an unofficial slogan at The Walt Disney Company. In an effort to fill the void that will soon be left (or may not be left) after 2006's Cars by the outfit that produced Toy Story, Monsters Inc. and The Incredibles, Disney looked ahead to that inevitable re-feathering and hatched Chicken Little. It is the yolk-filled story of a young chicken (with daddy issues) who rallies his gang of misfit friends to help stop an alien invasion, all the while trying to earn the respect of his father, from whom he is alienated. Will this modern spin on the favorite fable cock-a-doodle do well enough so that The Mouse can thumb noses at and humble the dependable departing hit-makers? Or will it earn mere scratch at the box office? Will I stop making bird puns before this review is done? Probably no on all counts, but that doesn't necessarily mean that there's something irredeemably rotten in Henmark.