[Only two major films open this week, but Shopgirl and Good Night, and Good Luck finally are going wide(ish), so they're included here as well.]

This week is sort of a bummer to round up, because there's nothing that evokes seething hatred from critics, or even something pathetic to mock. Instead (the 60 second version): Chicken Little is disappointing and juvenile, nothing happens in Jarhead (not necessarily a bad thing), Claire Danes totally rules, and everyone in the media loves Edward R. Murrow. As always, for details read on.

  • Shopgirl: Peoplereally digthis movie, and I'm reasonably sure it's not just because they're obsessed with My So-Called Life. Even the gloriously grumpy Mick LaSalle is uncommonly moved by the film, praising both the direction and its performances. In these days of extreme big screen hyperactivity, it's nice to come across a movie that reviewers praise with the word "quiet."
Also opening in very limited release this week is The Dying Gaul, which Jette found "absorbing [and] fascinating...but disturbing and a little grim." Not the laugh riot you might be looking for, in other words. You'll probably want Doom for that.