Topher GraceHere's something bizarre: three studios engaged in a bidding war the win the right to make a movie by the the guy who wrote Sorority Boys. And it's not like that was an aberration - it's the only feature that's ever been made from one of his scripts. In addition to getting to make the movie, Paramount has also won the right to say and print the word "cock" as often as they want to - maybe that has something to do with it. And you can't really blame them for that - I mean, it is fun to say. Cock. Cock.

Cockblocker, written by Greg Coolidge, tells the age-old story of a guy who falls in love with a chick only to find out that her ex is also her best friend. Hilarity, needless to say, ensues. The guy will be played by Topher Grace and the cockblocker himself is Seann William Scott. No word yet on the lucky lady. Cock.
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