chrisfarley.jpgMovie City Indie points to this somewhat bizarre site, adverstising an in-production biopic on the late Chris Farley. Titled Jack Squat, it looks to be an ultra-indie, with no name talent attached – although, as most of the pages are still "Under Construction" (including the link to info on the film's "Award-Winning Cast and Crew"), it's hard to say.  The only info to really report comes from the page about the film's "controversial storyline concept", where we're promised, amongst other things, that Jack Squat "takes us on a chilling speculative journey thru the last 47 minutes of Chris Farley's life that's all at once shocking, deeply moving and yes – hilarious." The plethora of links that don't go anywhere from the frontpage are actually better at selling the film than the synopsis. For instance, I want to learn more about "The Uncanny Transformation" that necessitates "Special FX Makeup". Does that mean they cast a prettyboy as Chris Farley? Is Jared Leto stealing all the fat guy work?
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