The Wild BunchDavid Ayer, who wrote The Fast and the Furious and S.W.A.T., has decided that his next project should be a remake of The Wild Bunch, generally considered one of the best westerns ever made. Just FYI, it'll be in a modern setting. Oh, and it's not a western anymore. Are you freaking serious?! This news is so profoundly wrong that Sam Peckinpah, in lieu of just rolling over in his grave, might actually climb out of it and kick Ayer's ass.

The Ayer version of The Wild Bunch (I hope he at least has the decency to change the damn title) will reportedly revolve around "the CIA, drug cartels and a heist," while supposedly maintaining the "Wild Bunch characters and the elements that made the original film so memorable." Uh huh. And I'm sure all that'll work out just fine. This travesty is schedule to start shooting next summer.
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