This Divided State

In the weeks before the Presidential election of 2004, the student body of Utah Valley State College readied for a visit from Fahrenheit 9/11 director Michael Moore. From the high drama depicted in the no-budget doc This Divided State, however, you would think that the conservative, largely Mormon town of Orem, Utah was fortifying their wholesome burg against Mothra or Rodan or some other rampaging atomic menace. The panic leading up to controversy engine Moore's October 2004 appearance was jaw-dropping, from the uninformed hate speech to the bribery attempts to the death threats against the event's coordinators. First-time director Steven Greenstreet and his crew of nine videographers were fortunate to have on-the-ground access in "Family City USA" from the start of this out-of-control scat party, which, if you let certain Utahns tell it, was the Apocalypse, now.