korine.jpgCharlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, and a Michael Jackson impersonator all walk into the Brazillian rain forrest...

That's basically the foundation joke on which Harmony korine's new project, is based. According to a report in Screen International (subscription required), the long-dormant enfant terrible of the 90s indie scene is not only back – he's somehow convinced Anita Pallenberg, Diego Luna, Samantha Morton and Denis Lavant to tag along. Mister Lonely, as we told you last week, is based on a script that Korine wrote with his brother Avi. According to Screen, it follows Luna's character, a Michael Jackson impersonator who meets Marilyn Monroe (Morton) whilst bumming around Paris. He follows her to a commune in Scotland, where the pair meet up with Marilyn's husband, Charlie Chaplin, and their young daughter, Shirley Temple. Pallenberg plays The Queen of England (no word yet on which one, but I'm assuming it's the current Elizabeth). The action eventually moves to Brazil, where missionaries somehow become involved.

"I am trying to do things I haven't done before," Korine told Screen. "It's my most ambitious film. I really want to push myself visually." He's got $9.5 million to work with, a huge sum compared to the budget of his last feature, the incredibly-accomplished-for-DV Dogme feature, julien donkey-boy - and I, for one, can't wait to see what he's going to do with it.
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