The Prytania New OrleansI'm going to New Orleans next weekend to visit family members and because I'm a film geek, one of the first things I did after confirming the trip was to check the status of movie theaters in town. Many of them are still closed after suffering damage during Hurricane Katrina, but I was pleased almost to tears to see that The Prytania is open again. The Prytania has long been the only remaining single-screen theater in New Orleans, and it's the theater where I was able to see independent and alternative films in college. Right now the theater is showing current releases: Dreamerthis week, Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit last week, and I hope something enjoyable next week because I am absolutely going to pay a visit. The Prytania is offering free admission to police officers and military personnel, who may be the biggest audience available in Uptown New Orleans at the moment.

Other Greater New Orleans-area theaters currently open include the Palace 12 Clearview in Metairie and the Hollywood Palace 9 in Kenner. My sister reports that the theaters in Covington are open as well.
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