Stubbs the ZombieOne of the biggest soundtracks at Apple's iTunes Music Store isn't actually from a movie, though horror movie fans are sure to, uh...dig the game Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without A Pulse and its very catchy soundtrack. The $10, 13-track download, also available in retail stores, feels a bit like a fun, modern cover of the Stand By Me songtrack, with Ben Kweller doing "Lollipop" and Rogue Wave handling "Everyday". There's also Death Cab For Cutie's "Earth Angel", and The Flaming Lips taking on "If I Only Had A Brain" from The Wizard Of Oz (if MGM only knew). The hilariously irreverent M-rated game, from company Aspyr, runs on the Halo engine, and its hero is an undead Everycorpse named Stubbs, who makes it through his afterlife by feasting on the flesh and brains of the living in a 1950's utopia called Punchbowl. The game is available on the Xbox and PlayStation 2 game consoles, as well as for both PC and Mac users. You can check out a selection of trailers and videos here.

On a related note, as Cinematical reported earlier this week, legendary Land of the Dead director George Romero's zombie universe will likely carry on in the direct-to-video (DTV) realm. For a look at some (mostly) worthwhile zombie movies on DVD, check out this Cinematical story.
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