Halle Berry; CatwomanYes, that's right - according to a Warner Brothers study, female superheroes currently outdraw their male counterparts by up to 25%. While at first this seems almost impossible - I mean, are they talking about Catwoman and Elektra here? - when you think about a male teenage audience, things suddenly become clear. Ask the average high school boy if he'd rather watch a really bad movie in which Halle Berry wears lycra or one about a man who turns green and large when he gets mad, and I'm guessing he'll pick Halle Berry every time. Or, as Warner's report put it, "Young men have realized they prefer to spend two hours in the dark with a wild woman than a man." Nudge nudge.

Those boys have some good time in the dark coming up, what with
Aeon Flux due out next month, Underworld: Evolution hitting theaters in late January, and X-Men 3 dropping next spring. Mmm...chicks kicking ass.