A birth mother searching for her the child she gave up, adoptive parents estranged from their son, and a lost young man seeking meaning in endangered loggerhead turtles. Loggerheads, set in three distinct geographical locations in North Carolina and based on a true story of a birth mother's search for her son, entertwines themes of  love, prejudice, shame, regret and redemption into a haunting tapestry of a film.

As Mother's Day approaches, Grace (Bonnie Hunt, Cheaper by the Dozen, Life with Bonnie) is floundering 26 years after relinquishing her son for adoption. She lives with her mother, Sheridan (The WaltonsMichael Learned) in the scenic mountain region North Carolina, and works at a car rental agency at the airport.  Over in Eden (the North Carolina version, not the biblical one), Elizabeth (the ever-reliable Tess Harper) is also dreading the approaching holiday. She and her minister husband, Robert (Chris Sarandon, in a marvelously uptight performance), are estranged from their adopted son, Mark (Kip Pardue, perfect in this role), who is in another part of North Carolina, the oceanfront town of Kure Beach, to watch the loggerhead turtles who come to the beach each year to lay their eggs.

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