Woody Allen, Scarlett JohnassonThe veil of secrecy over the movie Woody Allen is shooting in London has slipped slightly, and some tidbits of information have slipped out. First, the movie is called Scoop. Second, it stars Scarlett Johansson, Al SwearengenIan McShane, Hugh Jackman, and of course young Mr. Allen himself. Third, the plot is as follows: Johansson is an American journalism student who for some reason is in London, investigating murders. Jackman is her love interest - "a wily Englishman," while McShane shows up and helps with her investigation. Allen's character is "posing as Johansson's father," which on its face seems encouraging - Woody Allen, for once actually playing an age-appropriate role in relation to his 20-something female costar. Unfortunately, Allen's character "mysteriously ends up in a situation where he absolutely MUST boink [Johansson's character]." Sigh. Well, I suppose that was pretty much inevitable, wasn't it?

Early word is that the film will hit theaters next summer.
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