dick_tracy.jpgHollywood is nothing if not hospitable to aging eccentrics with delusions of political grandeur. And so this weekend, Warren Beatty, along with wife Annette Bening, boarded a bus labelled "Truth Squad" and followed Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger around the state - only to be shut out of a speaking event, presumably just for being Warren Beatty and Annette Benning. Schwarzenegger was speaking at an airport hanger to drum up support for the initiatives he's pushing through a "special election" this Tuesday, which include, among other things, such noble ventures as making it more difficult for teachers to get tenure. When Benning and Beatty approached the door to the event, they were denied entry for not wearing the correct wristband. "You have to have a wristband to listen to the governor?" Bening reportedly asked the security detail. "He represents all of us, right?" Uh, apparently not. Later, Beatty insisted that he's not planning to run opposite Arnold in the gubernatorial election next year. "I don't want to run for governor," he said. "I want to say what I think." Still - Dick Tracy vs. The Terminator? I love it.
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