Harvey WeinsteinPlacing products in films is not a new idea, but leave it to those Weinstein boys to find a new way to play an old game. The Independent reports Harvey Weinstein and Bob Weinstein have scored a $25 million investment in their spandy new film company from WPP Group, an advertisting behemoth owned by Sir Martin Sorrell. The investement reportedly will get the ad giant a "first look" at opportunities for its products to be integrated directly into The Weinstein Company films.

WPP Group owns a slate of advertisting-related companies worldwide, including Ogilvy and Mather, Grey Worldwide and Young and Rubicam. With all their clients combined, there are probably very few products and companies they don't represent, so the potential for working client products into film is pretty much boundless. Maybe The Brothers Weinstein can even come up with entire films that revolve around products! Barbie in Love? The Adventures of Motorola Boy and Dove Girl in 3D! Nokia City! The possibilities are endless!

You're on notice, Harvey and Bob: if you make Motorola Boy and Dove Girl (directed, of course, by Robert Rodriguez, because such a film would have to be done in 3-D with horribly wooden child actors), I'll be expecting my royalty check.

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