Dark CityAs Ryan's recentDark City installment of his mysterious-titled Cinema of the Caribbean series revealed, those of us who love Alex Proyas's 1998 film are much less alone than we had thought. And to add even more joy to our newfound, warm-and-fuzzy sense of community, the film's biggest-name fan (aka Roger Ebert) has spilled some incredible news, both in his comment on Ryan's piece and on his own site: he just finished recording a commentary for the movie. In and of itself, this is pretty cool news - the guy adores Dark City, and almost all enthusiastic commentary is a fun listen. But, according to Ebert, his commentary isn't for the version of the film that we all know and love. Instead, it's for a NEW, DIRECTOR'S CUT! There's no info available yet on when this DVD is due to be released, but still - it's amazing news.
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