Milla JovovichEch. Even writing about this movie freaks me out. It wouldn't if the whole thing was nice and fictional, but Welcome to America is based on a (true) story published in the New York Times Magazine back in 2003. The movie, which will star Kevin Kline and Milla Jovovich, is the story of a cop in Texas (Kline) who discovers that he "may have had a daughter who was sold as a sex slave" (no word on if the plot will explore Kline's character's inability to keep track of his spawn). While investigating sex trafficking, he gets involved with a young Mexican boy whose sister seems to have suffered the same fate as Kline's maybe-daughter. The sister, meanwhile, has been befriended by a Russian girl (Jovovich) who herself is enslaved in Mexico.

Interestingly, Welcome to America was originally going to be made with German financing (the director, Marco Kreuzpaintner, is German), but the deal fell through. Because he felt it was so important to get the movie made, though, German-born director Roland Emmerich (who was already involved on the writing side) decided to finance it himself through his production company, Centropolis Entertainment. Lion's Gate will distribute the film in the US.
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