The big rumor mill is currently running with a real Marvel doozy. Nick Fury casting rumors have been flying wild; the leader of the pack, according to the buzz- Will Smith. That’s right, the Fresh Prince could be playing battle hardened, edgy, patch eyed soldier enforcer. Smith’s people are actively denying, while Marvel will only go so far as to give an old fashioned “no comment.”

Obviously, if this is the casting direction, it would suggest that Marvel has decided to go with the Ultimate version of the Fury character. An unusual choice, as the traditional Fury is probably a more familiar character- but not a bad choice, as far as I can tell. Ultimate Fury seems every bit as awesome as regular Fury, although he does have far less history. As you all know, I’m not too into Ultimates yet (due to lack of time), so real Ultimate fans can feel free to chime in with opinions here.  However, this rumor just leaves me incredulous. Smith may be a talented actor in many regards, but I really think his style is very, very far removed from the nature of the Fury character. The correlation between Smith as an actor and Fury as a character is about as strong as the correlation between Jason Mewes as an actor and Fury as a character. 

The smart money is certainly on this being nothing but another wacky internet rumor. Let’s hope that’s all there is too it.

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