Rambo IVIn an effort to stir up buzz (and, presumably, money) for Rambo IV, the team at Millennium Films has been talking the movie up at LA's American Film Market. According to John Thompson, Millennium's head of production, the script is currently in the works, which might explain the wildly divergent plots we've heard so far. Though he didn't tell anyone what exactly the movie would be about, Thompson did mention what it wouldn't be: NOT "the same old formula of machine-gunning down a bunch of Afghanis or terrorists." It's a nice sentiment, but I think I'll save my relief for when the script is finished, thanks. For those who worry that old (and I do mean old) Rambo has gone soft, however, there's no reason for concern. "Rambo," Thompson assured his listeners, "Is still an angry man." Thank goodness for that.

In other Rambo news, an agent who claims to have seen the shortlist of directors for the project offered these names:
Stephen Norrington (mmm...Blade), Martin Brest, John Dahl (!), and Gregory Hoblit. Make of them what you will.

[via JoBlo]
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