Uwe Boll’s newest video game vampire masterpiece is so hardcore that it had to be filmed in Transylvania! Seriously, fans, you know it’s got to be good if it has that sort of set, right? Right? You can just hear Uwe Boll pleading with you to allow his movie some semblance of legitimacy, however small. Filming for BloodRaynewill take place in the historic Transylvanian region of Romania, home to the legendary Vlad the Impaler- Stoker’s influence for the Dracula character.

You know, with another flick, I might actually find this to be a cool angle to work. The historic/mythic qualities of the antique area in the hands of a real director could provide a very compelling set. However, the hands of Uwe Boll are not those of a real director, they are the talons of a deformed bird of prey who is intent on killing as many good stories as possible. Go away, Uwe, and leave Transylvania with some pride; it doesn’t deserve what you are going to do to it.

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