Daniel RadcliffeDoes Daniel Radcliffe have a girlfriend? Rumors are swirling that the 16-year-old actor, who has won the hearts of millions of young girls as wizard hero Harry Potter, has become more than friendly with a trainee hairdresser seven years his senior. As Karina pointed out when we were discussing this story, if the situation was reversed, and Radcliffe was a 23-year-old guy dating a 16-year-old, this wouldn't be as much of a story.

It's that whole Demi Moore-Ashton Kutcher thing that gives the tale (which, we should point out, Radcliffe's publicist vehemently denies) a bit of a "hmmmmm" factor. Tell us what you think: is it ridiculous for the media to make a big deal out of this story, just because the maybe-girlfriend in question is older than the actor? Or do you think it's really only a story because of who Daniel Radcliffe is, and because he has that swoon factor over so many young girls (and maybe more than a few women, to boot)?

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