It was a blockbuster week for Lucas’Star Wars franchise, as DVD sales for Episode Three and the Star Wars Battlefront II video game brought in sales of $210 million in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia and Latin America, capping a record-breaking year for the Star Wars franchise.  The Star Wars franchise is performing well elsewhere as well; it holds 9.1% of toy sales (making it easily the top selling toy franchise), and it was the top selling Halloween costume franchise this season.

And thus does an emperor preside over his holdings. Star Wars is undoubtedly among the most recognized movie icons in history, and its appeal extends from child to adult- there is something Star Wars  related out there for nearly every fan, even the mildly interested. I myself was really into the micro machines when I was younger, and still enjoy many of the videogames today. And you can bet your last cent that when I have kids, I’ll be buying them the newest model of lightsaber.

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