ScrewedMan, I feel like the last sailor in line for the party at the cathouse. I've always been a champion of really good writing, and in my opinion, Shane Black's Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang is really good writing. When my local Warner Brothers press agent alerted me that Mr. Black would be in town promoting the film, I responded almost immediately with interest in an interview, and was quietly put in queue. As the first tiered opening date approached, I was informed that time was tight, and the best they could do is a roundtable, which is better than nothing, I suppose. So Cinematical solicited questions  from its readers, and with any luck, I would be able to ask one or two of them and post the results to coincide with the November 11th wide release. Imagine my surprise when I realized that I was expected to fashion an article -- promoting their film, mind you -- out of the CD recording of another group of writers' roundtable interview. [Insert raspberry sound here.]

The kids have an expression of incredulity to sum up this kind of snubbing: "Dude, WTF?"