Bend it Like BeckhamThe woman behind Bend It Like Beckham, writer/director Guinder Chadha, is currently writing a sequel to the movie that unleashed Keira Knightley on the world. According to Chadha, episode two will be loosely based on her own life, as was Beckham (Wow, really? I had no idea.). She sees it, however, as "a continuation of the characters [rather] than an actual sequel," which I guess means that it might even not have anything to do with soccer. Dammit.

At the end of the first film, the two characters were on their way to California - heaven knows what American craziness they could get up to in part two. Also, gentlemen, since the screenplay is still being written, the involvement of Knightley and co-star Parminder Nagra has yet to be discussed.

[via Dlisted]
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