Tony Kaye (American History X) will helm the supernatural thriller Reaper, a film that focuses upon a tortured man who is visited on his deathbed by the title character, an emissary of death, and given a shot at eternal life. Kaye plans to shoot the movie in a mix of high-definition video and film, with the lead character and his story appearing in HD and the title character and his story appearing in video. Additionally, souls trapped in the film’s version of the afterlife will be portrayed in black and white, with a multilayered soundscape. Casting for the two lead roles has yet to be finalized, despite expectations for an announcement late last week.

I’m not sure if I think this is gimmicky or innovative, or maybe a mix of both. The idea for mixing the two styles may not be unique to cinema, but the concept of using it to illustrate and accentuate the paths of two alternate characters sounds like it could be quite interesting. Thoughts?

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