• castlevania.jpg'We will have had five hits in 2005, including three franchises," boasted Lion's Gate vice chairman Michael Burns yesterday at an investor's meeting. Calling The Gate an "the antistudio", he also bragged about their upcoming slate, which includes Akeelah and the Bee - or, as Burns calls it, "the best movie we've ever done."
  • Michael Fleming and Ian Mohr chronicle Bob Weinstein's short, strange trip – involving, among other things, marathon talks and crashed dinner parties at Shutters on the Beach – this weekend to close Dimension's distribution deal on Castlevania.
  • Laura Linney will "simultaneously" film lead roles in both Man of the Year, directed by Barry Levinson, and Billy Ray's Breach. Both are shooting  in Toronto later this month.
  • Facing an unfriendly Supreme Court decision, and constant persecution by studios and the recording industry, P2P player Grokster has decided to give up its fight to operate. They'll probably be acquired by Mashboxx, a legal download service, sometime soon.
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