ZidaneWith the World Cup coming up next summer, the non-US world is already gearing up for a glorious soccer frenzy. Said frenzy will involve hundreds of hours of television coverage, dozens of pundits, copious drinking and, if the fervent hopes of film producers everywhere are met, lots of movie watching.

According to an article in today's Hollywood Reporter, the American Film Market (currently underway) is teeming with soccer films - hell, someone even flew Pele in to help with promotion! I mean, holy crap. Could it be that Americans screens might actually feature the round kind of football beyond the release of Goal!? Among the movies being pushed at the AFM are works from Brazil, Italy, Germany, and the US (that one sounds like it's basically a soccer-y remake of Just One of the Guys), and there are comedies, dramas, and documentaries in the offing - lots and lots for American distributors to choose from. Personally, I'm hoping against hope that somebody picks up Zidane, the result of "17 cameras on Real Madrid's midfield maestro for the duration of a single match" – I swear to you non-soccer fans that even you will be amazed by what this man can do, seriously – but really, I'd settle for pretty much anything at this point. Dammit - someday, we really will learn to love soccer.
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