Simon YamSPL hasn't even opened yet in Hong Kong, but the buzz surrounding it is so great that the Weinstein Company decided it couldn't wait, and snatched up North American rights to the film at the end of last week. The police drama, which premiered at Cannes and later screened at Toronto, has been very well reviewed in trade papers, including a rave from Variety which called it "an all-star smackdown that will get fans salivating." Granted, the majority of mainstream America won't consider Sammo Hung (some of whose work actually has been released here), Donnie Yen, and the wonderful Simon Yam "all-star," but the success of Kung Fu Hustle showed that there is a market here for foreign action films.

If SPL does well, it might not be unreasonable to hope for wide(r) releases of more Hong Kong products. And maybe that, combined with a strong box office for The Departed will lead to Infernal Affairs on our screens? Well, a girl can dream.
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