Kevin CostnerKevin Costner, Ashton Kutcher, and Sela Ward apparently all read the script for The Guardian - an "action drama" about lifeguards - and said "Hey, sign me up for that!" Have they all gone insane? Well, maybe there's something here that we're not yet being told - perhaps it's Martin Scorsese's The Guardian (nope, just checked - it's Andrew Davis'). Or perhaps they thought their agents said "prison guards"? Yeah. I'm leaning towards the insanity option as well. Because the story, which "hinges on the tense relationship between Costner's veteran lifeguard and Kutcher's rookie rebel" sounds like a really terrible joke. Needless to say, Ward will be playing Costner's wife. Who probably cooks dinner and is hot and always supportive of her man.

Just pray with me that we will be spared slo-mo running shots. Of anyone.
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