RobocopI don't know about you, but at this point I've been so worn down by news of completely absurd remakes that it's hard to even work up any righteous indignation for the latest rumor: Paul Verhoeven's stunning RoboCop is apparently next. This seems like the sort of movie that producers see as remaking material simply because it's got special effects in it, and they think "Hey! With our totally kickass technology, we can remake this movie and it'll look a billion times better! I rule!" What they apparently fail to understand, however, is that some of these movies - and Robocop is one of them - are so great partially because of the gritty way they look. Additionally, though it probably comes as a shock to studio heads whose eyes (understandably, I'll admit) are filled with dollar signs, there's a STORY there that the effects are supporting. A great, dark satire full of sneaky politics and biting humor. Really - it's not just a cyborg kicking ass. (Hey, look at that - managed to get some indignation going after all!)

Anyway, according to CHUD, Sony have decided that they can find someone who can do Verhoeven one better, and they've reportedly contracted with the high-profile Michael De Luca to produce the remake. Needless to say, Verhoeven is staying far away.

[via JoBlo]
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