• blockbuster.jpgIs Blockbuster going bankrupt? Is anyone surprised? They've lost almost $500 million in the last three months alone, most of it as a "result of a goodwill impairment charge related to its separation from former parent Viacom" - that is, without a rich daddy, Blockbuster is basically worthless. But it might not be as bad as it looks – after all, they lost $1.4 billion (yeah, that's billion) over the same period last year.
  • Chicken Little is a hit, but nobody likes it; Pixar has Cars in the can, but nothing on the slate and, apparently, no potential suitors. Ergo, Steve Jobs has confirmed that Pixar is "in deep discussions" to continue their distribution deal with Disney. "It would be our first choice to continue with them," he said in a conference call yesterday.
  • The new Harry Potter just earned itself a PG-13 in the US – and Warner Brothers is all about it. They say they want grown-ups to see this one – in fact, according to Marketing President Sue Kroll, "We aren't marketing to the 4- to 8-year-olds that were originally part of the demographic."
  • Todd McCarthy reviews the dismal new 50 Cent film ... well, dismally. "Unlike with 8 Mile or, for that matter, Hustle & Flow, there's no moment that wins the audience over to [Fiddy's] artistic cause or, by extension, to the film."
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