Justin TimberlakeEdison is being approached by pretty much everyone with a massive grain of salt due to three little words: "starring Justin Timberlake" (and, given the trailer, caution about his performance seems well-deserved). But Morgan Freeman's in it, too, and it seems almost impossible for a movie in which he plays a role to completely suck - he's so skilled and businesslike that there's no way he won't be able to at least pull his scenes together, right? Plus, Kevin Spacey is there, apparently as some sort of smooth, king-evil type. Personally, I find Spacey deeply annoying, but the man is very good at being sleazy - his character here reminds me a little bit of Mel Profitt in Wiseguy, which is pretty much always a good thing.

I did notice something really odd in the trailer, though - there are lots of close-up scenes of conversations, and most of them are accompanied by dialogue. But the dialogue is NEVER what's being said in the scene (even when it's not delivered by JT). At first I thought the sync was just screwed up, but it's not. They're basically creating a story with voice-overed conversations that might not even be in the movie. Why in the world would they do that? It's a little scary if the acting is so bad that they can't even leave things alone in the trailer - anyone have a less alarming explanation?

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