King KongThough a Universal spokesperson has officially denied that Peter Jackson's King Kong will be shown in 3-D, speculation remains rampant, and at least one company is reportedly already working on the film. According to reports, In-Three, a company which uses some sort of fancy technology to convert live-action films into 3-D, is hoping to convince Universal to choose thier method which, though it requires viewers to wear glasses to view the films, doesn't need special screens, meaning their products can be shown anywhere. The other main contender (were Universal to admit being interested/become interested in 3-D) is thought to be Real D, the company responsible for the 3-D version of Chicken Little. The drawback with Real D, however, is that their films can only be played in certain theaters, all of which will be probably be occupied by a cartoon chicken for the foreseeable future.

I'm sure lots of you are looking forward to Jackson's film - what do you think? Is a 3-D version a cool idea, or just another gimmick designed to take even more of audiences' cash? Would you see it?