In case you haven’t heard, DreamWorks is making an animated flick about a panda who is trying to learn kung-fu. In possibly the most brilliant casting decision of this decade, the panda will be voiced by Jack Black. That’s the old news. The update is that three more reasonably big names have signed on to the project, continuing DreamWorks trend of hiring star power for their animated films. New to the cast are Dustin Hoffman, voicing Shifu the Panda master; Lucy Liu voicing Master Viper; and Jackie Chan voicing Master Monkey, a dedicated warrior. Also, some guy named Ian McShane will be voicing the snow leopard villain.

As mentioned above, I think Jack Black was a brilliant casting decision for this flick. The new additions to the cast also seem to be reasonably sound decisions, even if the concepts of the man-whore of Hollywood voicing a kung-fu master strikes me as odd. Lucy Liu is quite talented, and Jackie Chan’s English has been steadily improving over the years- his wonderful accent should provide for an entertaining character. I have to say, even though I seem to be the only person in the world who didn’t really enjoy Shrek, I’m pretty excited for Kung Fu Panda.

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