Bravo reran its 100 Scariest Movie Moments this year, which offered a pretty good representation of horror films from every decade, with or without the opinions of the Coors twins (whoever they are). Adam Rockoff, who wrote the book Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film, was also one of the commentators on the series. A movie based on his book (with the same name) will begin principal shooting in January and will hopefully be released next summer. Besides interviews with legends such as Wes Craven and newcomers like Eli Roth, the film will also feature critics who aren't so fond of this "slice and dice" genre. While I love slasher films, I love even more the idea of a movie such as this offering differing opinions. I'd rather sit though that than an hour and a half of fanboy gushing, no matter how much I admire the genre.

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