Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka

Prepare yourselves! Steam trains a-chuggin' by, 50 Cent reveals all (well, at least his "friends" do), and more Mystery Science Theatre 3000 for your viewing pleasure.
  • 50 Cent: Refuse to Die - Wanna get amped for Get Rich or Die Tryin'? This unauthorized doc features interviews with friends and relatives, taking us through the lifespan-thus-far of hip-hop's Big Contender. From Mr. Cent's rough-and-tumble beginnings in Queens, NY, to his debut as hip-hop star, we get it all! Also that part where he gets shot.
  • Extreme Steam Trains (6-Disc Series) - I just had to include this, because in early October I read a two-part New Yorker feature by John McPhee called "Coal Train." McPhee mentions that there's a whole fan-base for trains, above and beyond your basement hobbiest. They get out there with HD cameras, thousands of dollars of lighting equipment, and an extreme amount of patience (thus the title, "Extreme?") to document big trains chugging on by. So if you're really into that kind of thing, here you go.
  • Riget (The Kingdom): Series 1 (2-disc Series) - For the longest time this was hard to get ahold of. Only the tiniest, most "indie" film stores carried the Danish series The Kingdom, typically either the first or the second, but certainly not both at once, and always on VHS. Wonder of wonders, Lars von Trier's super-spooky drama about a possessed hospital is now available to the masses! Highly recommended.
  • MST3K Collection, Vol. 8 - Yessssss. Joel and Mike serve up more delicious running commentary on B-list sci-fi films. It's like watching made-for-TV movies while hungover on Sunday afternoon with your buddies, except Joel and Mike are actually funny. Includes Monster A-Go-Go, Hobgoblins, The Dead Talk Back, and The Phantom Planet. Not that we've heard of any of those films. Ever.
  • Charlie And The Chocolate Factory: Two Disc Special Edition  - In 1971 it was Roald Dahl and Gene Wilder. In 2005 it's Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, with a little help from Burton's favorite musical composer Danny Elfman. There has been some suggestion that this 2005 remake is not quite as suitable for children, what with the murderous Oompa Loompas and all. Bonus features include: Attack of the Squirrels, Search for the Golden Ticket, and 40 minutes of "the making of"-type featurettes.
  • Boys Town - Spencer Tracy in yet another Oscar-winning role. Tracy is Father Flanagan, redeemer of naughty children. Mickey Rooney (he's still alive!) as "the toughest kid in the bunch." Part of Warner Bros. Classic Holiday Collection, which includes A Christmas Carol (1938), and Christmas in Connecticut. Joy. To. The. World.
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