In director Kiyoshi Kurosawa's latest film, Pulse, the forlorn and over-industrialized kids of Tokyo are not alright. They are fed up with tending greenhouses on building roofs and fighting their way through those peculiar Japanese arcades where the game machines seem to require frantic pummeling. Burdened with a desperate, bleed-to-feel-alive mentality, they increasingly opt to take their own lives, and in doing so, they recede into the ones and zeroes of their computers and become ghosts in the laptop. Once on the other side, they act as ghoulish recruiters, popping up on new computer screens nightly, haunting and hustling new catch into the nets until every jacked-in computer in greater Tokyo is more or less glowing with phantasmal energy. Eventually, all of the dead souls crammed into the cyberspace closet start to bleed out into the world, and Pulse veers away from a traditionally amorphous 'J-horror' plot and moves into the realm of Godard-like farce.

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