syriana.jpgStephen Gaghan's Syriana has gone through multiple re-edits over the last few months. First, George Clooney's role was reduced from lead to supporting - supposedly because he didn't want to compete with the star of his own directorial effort, Good Night and Good Luck, for a Best Actor award. Then, Michelle Monaghan's role was apparently shaved off completely after a disasterous test screening. Now, sources behind the film have confirmed that Clooney's part has expanded once again. According to The Envelope, he's definitely going for Lead Actor awards. Of course, Clooney expanded himself to take the part, and that doesn't hurt his chances at nominations. "Voters love it when pretty stars go ugly, of course, and Clooney accommodates them by growing a scruffy beard, shaving back his hairline and packing on 30 pounds," the LA Times' awards blogger writes.