Remember how happy you were, when you heard they were bringing you a live-action Transformers? Remember how apprehensive you then became when you found out that Megatron would be turning into a tank, instead of his original gun? But you were willing to cut them a little slack, because you can understand the difficulty of turning a hulking robot into a gun. You’d better get out the old line and start reeling out a lot more slack if you’re still hoping for a nostalgia flick.

Announced changes so far:

  • Soundwave [Cassette Desk] who played the role of spy with his cassette Transformers will now become a helicopter. Let’s hope it’s at least as spy copter, to maintain some sort of resemblance.
  • Ratchet [Ambulance] was the ambulance (doctor) for damaged Transformers. He is now a fire truck. Yeah, I got no connection on this one.
  • Jazz [Martini Porche 935] will become some other generic sportscar - presumably because of licensing issues with Porsche.
  • Arcee [G1 - Cybertronian Car] will become a motorcycle, which is what her character turned into in the crappy 2004 Transformers: Energon.

For fans hoping for a solid nostalgic film (presumably this group would form the biggest fan base for a new Transformer film), this news may be a bit worrisome. I’d like to see the film use accurate first generation Transformers myself. However, I am mindful that the Transformers made several, ahem…transformations throughout the years, and not all of them have been bad. Am I worried?  Yes. I want this film to be awesome, and messing with the formula makes me immediately nervous. Of course, with Michael “The Clonus Horror” Bay at the helm, my hopes are already pretty low.

[via CinemaBlend]

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